Book Welcomed at Slovak Embassy in London

July 21, 2014

It was introduced by Michael Roberts, formerly the British ambassador to Slovakia and currently the president of BCSA, and closed by the current Slovak ambassador to the U.K. Miroslav Wlachovsky. My presentation had a dual focus, Slovak national history and several very personal family stories. This was greatly appreciated, with many guests commenting that they had never before understood the history of their homeland in such a compelling way. Several of my cousins were present at the event and were warmly applauded. Gratifyingly, every available copy of the book sold!


Early Book Sales Web

London guests buying books even before the presentation starts! Granddaughter Vera Lochtefeld (foreground) helps with sales.

Amb. Roberts Introduces 1 Web

Former British ambassador to Slovakia Michael Roberts introducing the event.

Johnny Speaks Web

Presenting Slovak history through the lives of notable family members.

Johnny Listens Web

Listening to a question from the audience.

Amb. Wlachovski Speaks Web

Slovak ambassador the U.K. Miroslav Wlachovsky closing the event.