Múzeum Janka Kráľa / Museum Of Janko Kráľ

November 2, 2012

The museum houses a 14-part permanent exhibition on the history of Mikuláš, starting with archeological findings and culminating with the liberation of the city at the end of World War II. The museum also presents a steady stream of traveling exhibitions and prepares some of its own. Its fine archive holds much precious material relating to the leading families of Mikuláš, among them the Pálkas.

The museum administers three other significant facilities:

  • the old Lutheran parish house in which Michal Miloslav Hodža, one of Slovakia’s most distinguished leaders and my great-granduncle, lived for many years and which was the seat of two pivotal events in Slovak history—the establishment of the literary club Tatrín and the writing of the foundational document called the Petition of the Slovak Nation (Žiadosti slovenského národa)
  • the birth home of the great Slovak poet, Lutheran pastor, and political leader Martin Rázus and of his sister, Elena Rázusová-Martáková, one of Slovakia’s most highly recognized poets
  • the Jewish Synagogue of Mikuláš, one of the grandest classicist structures in Slovakia and a stark reminder of the once-numerous Jewish community of Mikuláš

As well, the museum publishes the newsletter Muzejné starinky; presents lectures, films and concerts; and functions as one of the city’s cultural centers. The first public presentation of the book Moje Slovensko, moja rodina (My Slovakia, My Family) took place in the spaces of the museum on the square.


The museum maintains its own web site (Slovak only): http://www.mjk.sk

It is also represented on a web site that serves all Slovak museums (English as well as Slovak): http://www.muzeum.sk/defaulte.php?obj=muzeum&ix=lhmjk

The museum is named after a native son of Mikuláš, Janko Kráľ, one of the most famous poets of the Slovak National Awakening of the mid 19th century (Slovak only): http://www.osobnosti.sk/index.php?os=zivotopis&ID=58775