President Kiska Attends Days of Milan Hodža

July 22, 2014

President Kiska came to Sučany to present the Bilingual Gymnasium of Milan Hodža with an award as one of the finest secondary schools in all of Slovakia, and to join in the festivities honoring my grandfather. On the main square he spoke briefly to the crowd, and also enjoyed a performance of folk songs by the group Seniors of Sučany, part of a day-long competition among numerous such choral groups. President Kiska’s talk focused partly on Milan Hodža’s ideas about European integration, and partly on the everyday lives of seniors and how the government could support them better. I felt very honored to be introduced to him and to sit by his side while he was at the performance.

Sucany Main Square WebCrowd gathers on the main square of Sučany, listening to a choral competition and waiting for the president.

Awaiting the President 1 Web

Waiting for President Kiska, with the president of the regional seniors’ association, the mayor of Sučany (wearing official gold chain), and his assistant.

Johnny & President Web

Introduced to the president.

With President 2 Web

In conversation with the president and the mayor.

Listening to Sucany Singers Web

Listening to the seniors sing, with the president, the mayor, and other local dignitaries.

Senior Singers in Sucany Web

One of the choral groups entered in the day’s competition.

Family Waits in Sucany Web

Happy family in the audience. Right to left: granddaughter Vera Lochtefeld, my wife Yvonne, and the vicar of the Lutheran church of Sučany.